Weddings – A Memorable and Joyous Event

The sound of Bagpipes, as guests arrive at your wedding, is a clear statement that an exciting and major event is about to take place. Listed below are only suggestions or guidelines to help you decide your needs. We have been doing weddings for over 45 years. With that many years of experience, we can provide insight in making your wedding successful. Even if you do not hire us, we would be happy to consult with you on any part of your wedding plans.

We always have two sets of Bagpipes. The Great Highland Bagpipes (GHP) and Fireside Bagpipes. The GHP are the Bagpipes most people are familiar with. These are great for “open space” areas, whereas the Fireside Bagpipers were developed specifically for “close space” areas.

Before the Service

  • Outside as guests arrive
  • In the lobby using Fireside Bagpipes
  • In the main church as guests are being seated, using Fireside Bagpipes
Detroit bagpiper with two guest
Detroit bagpiper with two guest


  • Pipe in the groom and/or groomsmen
  • Pipe in Parents/family
  • Pipe in the bride and/or bridesmaids


During Service

  • Lighting of the Unity Candle or presentation of flowers


  • Piping the new bride, groom, bridal party and/or guests out
  • Piping outside as guests depart

At the Reception

  • Piping outside as guests arrive
  • Piping the bride, groom and/or bridal party into the reception
wedding reception - Detroit Michigan bagpipers

During the Reception

  • 15-20 performance during dinner
  • Performances throughout the reception allowing people to rest between dances.

Highland/Irish Dancers

  • We can provide Highland and/or Iris Dancers to preform while your guests are enjoying their dinner.