Big question is why?

Learning the GHB.

Learning the GHB can be fun, exciting and never ending.

Investments associated with learning the Great Highland Bagpipes.

Learning the GHB can be fun exciting and never ending.

So, you have decided to try and learn to play the Great Highland Bagpipes and thus want to better understand your investment with regards to your personal time and associated costs.

  • Chanter – $150.00. This will be used throughout your Bagpiping career. I strongly recommend the longer chanter style vs the short style.
  • Tutor Book or kit – $15.00+. Consult with your instructor before purchasing.
  • Lessons – $60 to $80/hour. Usually, the lessons are once a week.
  • Set of bagpipes – $1500.00+.
  • Uniform – $1500.00+

After a year or more on the Chanter, start looking at purchasing a set of bagpipes and uniform.

Depending on the student, by the 2nd year, the student should start to be able to play simple tunes on the bagpipes.

In approximately five to seven years, a Bagpiper should be able to produce good sounding tunes on the bagpipes. Most pipers that become world class have been playing for 15+ years and competing for as many years, to reach that status.

Total ownership costs for first two years is approximately $10,165.00.

Of course, professional Bagpipers have more time and experience in piping and thus more expenses in learning the bagpipes.

Picture above is Tyge preparing to pipe for Highland Dances.  As you can see, it’s hard to please dancers these days.