DHS Class of 1979

Lost List

Where Are They?

Please look over the list below and let us know if you have a current address for any of the following people. We really need your help!

Go ahead, turn them in...
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Latest Lost List as of August 24,2010

Adcock, Gordon

Albert, Richard

Authier, Marcelle

Ball, Valerie

Ballard, Dawn

Baratta, Sarah

Berndt, Linda

Bowen, John

Brehob, Ellen

Brim, Barry

Bullock, Cathy

Burns, David

Cislo, Stan

Cloutier, William

Doyle, Cathy

Ergonis, Michael

Finley, Carol

Finnegan, Patrick

Freas, Michael

Gates, Jim

Gordon, Gregory

Gray, Patty

Hanke, Michael

Kimling, Barbara

Krupa, Kathy

Lacey, Scott

Malleck, Marjorie

Metalic, Paul

Miller, William

Moore, Carol

Myers, Leo

Nason, Timothy

Ounstead, John

Powers, Veronica

Rogalski, Suzanne

Rosu, Fiorela

Rowan, John

Rush, Dennis

Sakal, Rita

Samuelson, Dean

Seidler, Nancy

Sidor, Margaret

Sword, Robert

Thomas, Kathleen

Toman, Jeff

Ulanski, Michelle

Welhusen, Deborah

Whicker, Greta

Woodward, Brian

Zangerle, Pete